"I don't think I follow any Latam outlets. To interest me, they would have to present local content, or a particular perspective, and not just a more or less direct translation of what is published in the US".
Luisa Pereira Hors
Artist, engineer and musician. Faculty @itp_nyu.
Luisa's practice explores new ways of engaging with music (experiments.withgoogle.com).
"I don't see much value in reading replicas in Spanish. As a creator of technologies, I need media to position my brand, sell and raise capital associated with a venture. On the other hand, as a consumer of content, I would be interested in close ups alla Dobcast: technology profiles that can tell you about a man's or woman's journey, their vision of the future".
Gabriel López
Co-Founder and former CEO of SouthLabs. Co-Founder and CEO of OrangeLoops (www.orangeloops.com).
"In tech development (especially R&D, my field of work), having access to what's happening in the region is fundamental. In the company where I work we lost the possibility of doing a big project with a local company as a consequence of the lack of landscape information".
Alberto Canabal
Master in Computer Science, specialized in critical systems from the Paris Diderot University, France. Ikatu (www.ikatu.com).
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