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Amenaza Roboto is a platform that provides latin american and global tech news, podcasts and videos for techies and business people that need to upgrade from analog to digital, in spanish.
Dobcast is a network of podcasts and a premium content YouTube channel, in spanish
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Latin America doesn't have a Recode, TechCrunch nor a The Verge
The Stars & Standouts of the region do a poor journalistic job.
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"In tech development (especially R&D, my field of work), having access to what's happening in the region is fundamental. In the company where I work we lost the possibility of doing a big project with a local company as a consequence of the lack of landscape information".
Alberto Canabal
Master in Computer Science, specialized in critical systems from the Paris Diderot University, France. Ikatu (www.ikatu.com).
"I don't think I follow any Latam outlets. To interest me, they would have to present local content, or a particular perspective, and not just a more or less direct translation of what is published in the US".
Luisa Pereira Hors
Artist, engineer and musician.
Her practice explores new ways of engaging with music (experiments.withgoogle.com).
"I don't see much value in reading replicas in Spanish. As a creator of technologies, I need media of this type to position my brand, sell and raise capital associated with a venture. On the other hand, as a consumer of content, I would be interested in close ups alla Dobcast: technology profiles that can tell you about a man's or woman's journey, their vision of the future".
Gabriel López
Co-Founder and former CEO of SouthLabs. Co-Founder and CEO of OrangeLoops (www.orangeloops.com).
Miguel Ángel Dobrich
Co-founder of Amenaza Roboto & CEO of Dobcast
Natalia Arralde
Executive Editor of Amenaza Roboto
(NHK, TNU, CNN, Al Jazeera, El País)
Salvador Banchero
Co-founder of Amenaza Roboto
(Justicia Infinita, Direct TV's En Escena, Sun Channel's Pasajero En Trance)
Eduardo Mangarelli
Co-founder & Tech Compass of Amenaza Roboto
(CTO Microsoft LATAM)
Tech News in 3 minutes
Nicolás Loeff. AI + Machine Learning + Fintech
Giannina Segnini. Data Journalism + Predictive Journalism + AI + Machine Learning
Raúl Garreta. Data Mining + Text Mining + Machine Learning
Marta Peirano. Data + Privacy + Security
Ana Matrán Fernández. Brain-Computer interface
Pablo Lanillos. Robotics + AI
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Apart from contributing to the dissemination of iberoamerican scientific and technological work, Amenaza Roboto fosters cross-pollination, and comprises a valuable archive that does not exist elsewhere
In www.amenazaroboto.com you will find interviews with key tech players, in-depth features, nuggets of information, video and audio on demand shows
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