ANII 2019
Innovación en Medios
(A partir de una zigzagueante historia de iteraciones)

Confort & Arbitrariedad

Podcast, Video & Tech News Divison
"Como los championes fluorescentes..."

Dobcast Media

Podcast, Video & Tech News Divison
Dobcast includes: a network of podcasts a premium content YouTube channel and Amenaza Roboto, a tech news division in spanish
We are the house of Comfort & Arbitrariness.
Our Podcasts
Montevideo No
MVD NO is a weekly podcast hosted by Miguel Dobrich.
Vera Basket Audio
VB is a weekly NBA podcast hosted by Carlos Tanco.
Deep Sh*t
Deep Sh*t is a monthly podcast hosted by Salvador Banchero.
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Montevideo No
WTF meets Nerdist, in spanish! Have a laugh and get to know the spanish and portuguese speaking world with guests from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, España, Israel, Perú, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, New Zealand, the U.K. & USA.
Vera basket
Carlos Tanco -the greatest comedian in Uruguay- host the best NBA podcast of the World (in spanish). His co-hosts have been: future hall of famer, Tato López, and Martín Osimani.
Serious sh*t
Deep Sh*t
The spanish-argentinian-uruguayan journalist, Salvador Banchero (Justicia Infinita, Direct TV´s En Escena, Sun Channel's Pasajero en Trance), hosts Deep Sh*t, a podcast that focuses on Heavy Sh*t (like Death, Love and Star Wars).
Dobcast's Podcast Audience:
- 46% women, 54% men.
- Segmentation: 25-34 years old (33,5%), 18-24 (27,5%) and
35-44 (15,5%).
Confort & Arbitrariedad
Video Shows
Vera Basket. A monthly show that you can watch on demand on Vera+.
Perché Mi Piace. TV show and movie recommendations, to watch now or later on your favourite video on demand platform. #cordcutting
El Norte es el Sur is a show where the viewer gets an opportunity to sit in on a private, interesting conversation about, music, life, and craft with key latinamerican musicians.
Important: This 3 video shows have their audio version. As a podcast, El Norte es el Sur is distributed by Cuonda.
YouTube´s Audience
I) 35-44 (39,6%)
II) 25-34 (26,7%)
III) 45-54 (15,5%)
IV) 55-64 (11%)
V) +65 (7,2%)
Main markets: Uruguay, Argentina, Spain & USA
No benjamins
Without advertising budget
Working only with social media, we have developed a "boutique" but active audience (+300K) from:

1) Uruguay
2) USA
3) Argentina
4) Spain
5) Mexico
6) Brazil
7) U.K.
8) Germany
9) Ireland
10) Francia

*On Youtube we have 1.33K followers and more than 91K views
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Altavista Lab & Trend y Mytho Eyewear
Are El Norte es el Sur's sponsors
Is Vera Basket's sponsor
Claro Video and Claro Música
Have been the main sponsors of Perché Mi Piace and Montevideo No
Is Roboto News and Amenaza Roboto sponsor
Amenaza Roboto is a platform that provides Latin American and global science & tech news, podcasts and videos for techies and business people that need to upgrade from analog to digital, in spanish.
#TechNews #Science #LATAM #Iberoamérica
¡muchas gracias!
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